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( May 13, 2009 )

Tutorial & Manual - 2 -

  This page is explained how to use individual function of Java AquariumCity v1.5 applet for Random function, Layer function and Message function as under. Regarding how to use the additional functions of latest versions v2.0, v3.x and v4.0, are to be referred to item 8. or source code in pages.

   Hint !
  You are free to use several sources xxx.html codes in our pages, and rewriting into yours ones may minimize your efforts.
xxx.gif or xxx.jpg images files should be replaced by your favorite ones. Thereafter, you shall be able to make corrections to the movements or individual positions. Free gif or jpeg files in the Web are very helpful.

  For your reference sake, we have mainly used Paint Shop Pro v5.01( Very cheap than PhotoShop, but several functions ), LView Pro ( GIF color mask ) and Photodex CompuPic. ( JPEG special compress ) for images processings
  1. OverView & many samples
  2. Basic definitions for animations
  3. Turn image by mouse touch, show message or URL Link
  4. Font Type, Color, Style, or background
  5. Random move parameters
  6. Display message at fixed position, or move sets
    1. Display Layer Image at fixed position, or move sets
    2. Stop animations/messages, Sound etc
      ( v2.0 specials )
    3. AquariumCity applets parameters


    Original Animations for the explanation ( v1.5 )

    2. Basic definitions for image move within the applet

    1) Define applet size (width, height, widthsize,heightsize)
    - copyright and regcode are essential.
    2) Define background color(bgcolor)
    3) Define up/down positions(downmax,upmax)
    4) Define left/right turn positions for each images(in image)
    - Exceeded parameter is possible.
    5) Define move speed x/y for individual image (in image)
    - Minus parameter change image move for reverse direction.
    6) Define random move image as seag11.gif (in image)
    7) Define the reverse image as seag1.gif (in image)
    8) Define the number of layer images (= images/2) (imagenumber)
    9) Define CPU sleep time (sleeptime)

    <APPLET CODE="AquariumCity.class" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=100>

    <PARAM NAME="copyright" value="www.javao.com">
    <PARAM NAME="regcode" value="okohihs-ika-84919040">
    <PARAM NAME="sleeptime" value="100">
    <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" value="000000">
    <PARAM NAME="widthsize" value="250">
    <PARAM NAME="heightsize" value="100">

    <PARAM NAME="imagenumber" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="downmax" value="80">
    <PARAM NAME="upmax" value="0">
    <PARAM NAME="images" value="

    Note: Image parameters ( "images (or rimage, image)" )

    xxx.gif | x start | y start | x speed | y speed | x turn | y turn |

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