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BackGround Color JPEG GIF

Under BackGround JPEG Colors have been designed and created for VirtualPHOTO Java Specials shows If you will use them with right font color in your pages, it produces the page more emphasized for depth, three-dimensional than the others though it may be a little. The usage of [ table ] emphasizes page much depth and three-dimensional. Please refer to individual page in this site. Many examples are in this site.

There is a case that it's rather difficult to read characters by the change of BackGround JPEG color. Please try to choose proper font color for such cases.

Let's enjoy depth and three-dimensional by the change. dark and deep color emphasizes more depth and three-dimensional.

In our experiences, dark blue sea color is best!

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1. Blind image - Background JPG

2. Pipe image - Background JPG

3. Blind image - Background JPG

4. Special image - Background JPG

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7. Line image - Special Line JPG

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