Java LakeApplet Example

Lake Applet animates image like as wave reflecting on the lake. Image which has transparent areas will allow wave reflecting of the image below to show through. This can be used to produce eye-catching effects.

Where can get Lake Applet: Please refer bottom of this page!

The wave scene is made with two images

<APPLET code="Lake.class" width=525 height=390>
<PARAM name=image value=nagasaki/bridge2m.jpg>
<PARAM name=overlay value=nagasaki/b.gif>


bridge2m.jpg is used for wave reflectingsB
b.gif is used for mask.

Attention to Note, How to Get!

Please kindly refer the Lake Applet Tutorial, Parameters and or more information to by David Griffiths Top Page. Java Lake.class Applet is a Free Applet.

In addition to the above, you may find Lake style similar applets in the following sites. Kindly try to access these pages for your reference sake. Those are guided in our LINKs page also.

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