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Best Favorite Links

JAVA Resources

JAVA Digital Cats JAVA Resource Center -Japanese-
JAVA Development Kit JDK SUN Site

JAVA Lake style applets
Aquarium as like as Lake applet etc by NetKontoret (1999/10/31)

The Lake, PoolMenu etc Applets by DavidGriffiths (1999/5/9)

RippleApplet by Modern Minds, (2005/10/23)
Waterful Ripple applet.

CoolShare site - coowild.class etc - similar to the above Lake applet (1999/3/14)
You can get free applets atTHIS (W&P Enterprise)site.
The Everyware's JAVA site - OurLake.class - similar to the above Lake applet (1999/3/8))
The DorianGray_II Applet - Similar to the above Lake applet (Updated 2005/10/23)
You can down load DorianGray_II.class applet at Captain Java. Its good to use together with AquariumCity applets etc.
(Best viewed by MSIE)
The AnLake, Bookflip etc by Fabio Ciucci

TF_SeaWaves.class applet by Tarek Fouda at www.fouda.de - Similar to the above Lake applet (Updated 2005/10/23)
DS_Lake.class applet by by Dario Sciacca at www.dseffects.com - Similar to the above Lake applet (2000/10/12)

JAVA Animations Water / Wave style applets

The AnWater Applet by Anfiteatro JAVA Developer
Applet FX WavyBanner, Flags Applets etc by www.demicron.se

JAVA applet LogoWobble Applet by Paul Owen ( Site is out of order 2005/10/23 )

WaterPic applet by durius.com (1999/12/11)
Water Applet just like as PoolMenu applet. Kind of Water style is changeable.

JAVA Multi-media Animations Slide shows, Texts applets etc

PhotoAlbum applet etc by Demicron (Updated 2005/10/23)
Origami (airplane), Water style etc slide show applet.

JAVA Firework Applet etc by David O'Brien

JAVA applets freeware or shareware by Demicron (1999/6/10)
JAVA applets freeware or shareware by Javapowerd.com (1999/6/10)
OnLine Counter by Miodrag Krunic
JAVA Applets (ImageChanger, RainbowString etc) by MasamiNakagawa

JAVA Halo PopMenu Applet by Giuseppe Gennaro
JAVA Applet DynamicBillbaord by Robert Temple (Updated 2005/10/23)

JAVA 3D Animation Animastrata Applet by Animastrata kiama.com (No more supported. 2005/10/23)

JAVA applet Neonsign16, Chat_12 etc by Hiroyuki Machida (Site is missing 2005/10/23)

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