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This site exhibits not only pictures of Nature, Cities or Fleets etc in the world, but also waterful animations mostly by specials effects of Java applets. Most of them have been introduced by the Java applets AquariumCity ( We provide ) and Lake with Slide Show style. The waterful wave streamings are excellent! We believe you will enjoy them with relax. Enjoy Java Specials !

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Wave, Marine, Sky, Lake and Little world Watery galleries !
What's AQUA CITY applets with tutorial & manuals etc
GIF & JPEG free images parts for AQUA CITY applets etc

Nature Four seasons in Izu. Rainbow village, etc ( Lake style )
Nature + Slide Four seasons in Izu ( ImageChanger style )
Nature + Origami (Paper Plain) Four seasons Izu ( PhotoAlbumII )
Nature + water, wave Four seasons in Izu ( AnWater style )

Water, Water drop, Wave Waterful applets in the world
Fire Work with sound effect ( Firework style )
What's Lake Applet for how to use
Special thanks( AQUA CITY applets )

Mascot girls for exhibitions of functions and movements
Cats short story Traditional styles and Lake styles

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