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( Updated May 13, 2009 )

AQUA CITY world show etc
New AQUA CITY World shows by AquariumCity v1.5, v2.0, v3.x, v4.x & v6.x applets are here ! You can download the applet for your trial use, and register. Please enjoy ! There are also many Links to the original Java resources sites !

AquariumCity v4.0 Newly released !
Top Page has been renewed by new version AquariumCity v4.0. Kindly refer to a demonstration pages. Registered users can get latest one at a registered users page.

Regarding v3.x, You can refer to " Gold fish Cool! " , " Uni bicycle sample " , " PopUpMenu samples and Tutorial/Manual pages (with many examples) " for further references. Download Trial is also available.


Lake style show
This site exhibits several pictures being taken during our seasons holidays and or trips to the world. Most of them have been introduced by
the Java LakeApplet style Slide Show. The wave streamings are excellent! We believe you will enjoy them with relax ! Mt.Fuji four seasons are also here.

Other style show
There are also Automatic Style (Origami etc) Slide Show pages and Automatic Style Slide Show pages.
Water Applet Slide Show is released in addition to the Animations show by Animastrata Applet.

ImagiNation ( For AquariumCity or Lake ) has been newly added. Please enjoy !

By the courtesy of KAWASAKI KISEN KAISHA, LTD. we have added pages Ships Fleets. Please enjoy.

Special Thanks : (SEASON'S COLLECTIONS Specials)

WEB IMAGES ( GIF IMAGES GIF JPEG BackGround for AquariumCity v1.5, v2.0, v3.0, v4.0 etc, all purposes )

What's Lake Applet ( Lake Applet )
What's AquariumCity Applet ( AquariumCity Applet )
BackGround Color JPEG page

AQUA CITY Watery Show & Galleries        
   ( AQUA CITY applets with a few versions )
Wave World Series (La Corse Corsica) (v4.0)
Wave World Series (Nouvelle Caledonie) (v4.0)
Wave World Series (Kyoto) (v4.0)
Wave World Series (Otaru Canal zone) (v4.0)
Wave World Series (Sapporo Odori park) (v4.0)
Marine World Series (v1.5 〜 v3.x)
Sky World Series (v1.5 〜 v3.x)
Lake World Series
little World Series (V3.x ) (Little but not a little)
Marine Specials (Large size) (v1.5 〜 v2.0)

What's AQUA CITY applets
Down Load

  AquariumCity Applet is released in this site. It's another exciting ones. Images are animated with multiplexes with no limitations. Please enjoy them.

  Size of the show is mainly used 640X300. There is the show in which the numbers of layer are more than 50

  You can download the applet for your trial use, and thereafter study to register ! The registration means that you will get latest versions (v2.0, v3.x, v4.x & v6.x) without additional charge !

  Imaginations being used in the top page
    ( Back numbers for Latest Imaginations are here )
  • Aquarium City with ships and seagull ( V3.x )
  • Beach ( V3.x )
  • New Year 2000 with Sun rising
         ( V3.x + DorianGray_II )
  • Sky with Snow and Stars ( V3.x )
  • Cruising near Tower Bridge in London
         ( V3.x + DorianGray_II)
  • Illuminations with waterful balls ( V3.x )
  • Crystal Bay Cruising under the Rainbow
         Bridge Tokyo ( V3.x )
  • AquariumCity V3.x release with
        VJ Likes demonstration ( V3.x )
  • Fished in a bottle ( V2.0 )
  • Hotaru (V2.0 + DorianGray_II )
  • Airplane, baloon with Tower Bridge
         ( V2.0 + DorianGray_II )
  • Bridge with cars and trains in the picture ( V1.5 )
  • Bruges Begijinhof with car ( V2.0 )
  • Tokyo Bay Cruising ( V2.0 )
  • Night town Ginza Tokyo (V2.0 )

       Other many AQUA CITY samples

  • Waterful balls in a glass ( V3.x )
  • Colorful balls in a glass ( V3.x )
  • Animals in the wild. High cpu ( V2.0 )
  • Amusement park ( V2.0 )
  • Seasons Greetings Christmas ( V2.0 )
  • Logo with Sound effect (V2.0 )
  • Welcome with Colorful font message
  • Kimono dress show
  • Apparels show ( V3.x )
  • Swing (V2.0 )
  • Dances with Cups
  • Dances with baloons
  • Dances
  • Dances to right
  • Dances to right and left
  • Dances with flushing background screen
  • Beach with yacht
  • Beach with yacht 2
  • Bay area (V2.0 )
  • Bay area with Logo (V2.0 )
  • Bay area with Logo 2 ( V2.0 )
  • AquariumCity Logo with fishes
  • Mechanic dance ( V2.0 )
  • World City Map menu
  • PopUpMenu 1 ( v3.5 )
  • PopUpMenu 2 ( v3.5 )
  • PopUpMenu 3 with picture ( v3.5 )
  • PopUpMenu 4 with picture ( v3.5 )
  • PopUpMenu 5 with picture ( v3.5 )
  • PopUpMenu 6 ( v3.5 )
  • Bicycle running 1 ( v3.5 )
  • Bicycle running 2 ( v3.5 )
  • Uni bicycle ( v3.5 )
  • Rotate rings 1 ( v3.5 )
  • Rotate rings 1 ( v3.5 )
  • Rotate rings 1 ( v3.5 )
  • Rotate 3D images ( v3.5 )
  • Rotate ring etc ( v3.5 )
  • Olympic's rings 2 ( v3.5 )
  • In a case 1 ( v3.5 )
  • In a case 2 ( v3.5 )
  • In a case 3 ( v3.5 )
  • Rotating case 4 ( v3.5 )
  • Glass 5 ( v3.5 )
  • Yacht 6 ( v3.5 )
  • Gold fish Cool! 7 ( v3.5 )
  • AquariumCity V3.x small & large samples
    ( V3.x only )

    Animations in a bottle etc in little world Series
    V.J. Likes with messages Series
    little parts  Series
           (Little but not a little. So many)

    AQUA CITY World Galleries ( V1.5, V2.0 V3.x )

    Marine World 
    Sky World 
    Marine World Specials 

    DownLoad packages for AquariumCity V1.5, V2.0 V3.x samples

       Mostly Small sizes with easy to use in web pages
  • Olympic's rings ( V3.x )
  • Sound effects with Logo mark ( V3.x )
  • Spin rings with train, with Logo ( V3.x )
  • Spin rings with divers, with Logo ( V3.x )
  • Ships and seagull, with Logo ( V3.x )
  • Map Menu with ships and baloons ( V3.x )
  • Menu with baloons ( V3.x )
  • Colorful Entrance ( V3.x )
  • Welcome message Entrance with stars ( V3.x )
  • Entrance with stars ( V3.x )
  • Colorful Entrance with stars ( V3.x )
  • Fishes in a diamond area ( V3.x )
  • Messages with spinning ring ( V3.x )
  • Colorful balls ( V3.x )
  • Messages with a few spinning rings ( V3.x )
  • Bridge with cars and trains with message ( V1.5 )
  • Bridge with cars and trains with messages in picture
           ( V1.5 )

    Term and condition for trial use or Registration of
           V1.5 be referred to DownLoad page.
  • Watery applets Show & Galleries        
    ( AnWater applet & Many others )

    Nature in Japan Izu
    Mt.fuji with four seasons
    Water, Wave, Flag etc by Fish style

      Water slide show is another exciting one! It takes a time to see what is prevailing, but we believe you will enjoy them with relax enough.

      Note: This applet is free also. The owner of the applet has placed a linkware window that will appear if the applet is clicked. The owner provides several Free Applets also. Kindly visit the site!.

    Automatic style Slide Show        
      ( PhotoAlbum applet )

    Nature in Japan Izu Spring
    Nature in Japan Izu Summer
    Nature in Japan Izu Autumn
    Nature in Japan Izu Winter

      Automatic style slide show is good indeed.

      There is Origami (airplane) style animation, Water style animation etc, so many special effects, and you may enjoy them enough.

      The image size is average 15kb x 10 pieces.

      This show is supported much pictures especially for Nature in Japan Izu than the numbers of pictures being used in the LakeApplet shows.

    Lake style Slide Show        
       ( Lake applet )


    Nature in Japan

    Spring 2
    Spring 3
    Spring 4
    Summer 2
    Mt.Fuji four seasons
    City in the world
    Antwerp Antwerpen
    Bruges Brugge
    Brussels Bruxelles Brussel
    New York
    Panama Canal Zone
    San Francisco

      The Lake style Slide show is indeed exciting one! Its attractive for us to imagine them.

      The LakeApplet is mainly used a half size of the original picture, and therefore it can show very quickly than the screen size. We believe you will enjoy them in our pages.

    There is AnLake Applet in Italian site, which is less memory than the Lake Applet. Both Lake Applet and AnLake Applet are used in Slide Shows. For your reference sake, AnLake Applet is listed in our LINK page.

    For your guidance, there are a few kind of Lake style applets in the world.

    Kindly refer to the Lake Applet Example page or LINK page.

    (Lake Style)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    Cats Short Story
    Cats Short Story (Lake style)
    Water, Wave, Fish
    Sawitee Samipak, Actress
    (Thailand, Bangkok)
    What's Lake Applet
    What's Lake Applet
    Animastrata animations show        
        ( Animastrata applet )


    Animastrata Show
    Mountain Series
    Bridge Series
    Bay Area Series
    Lake City Series
    VirtualPHOTO Logo
    What's Animastrata

      Animastrata Animation show is another exciting ones. Images are animated with multiplex up to 7. Please enjoy them.

      Size of the show is mainly used 500X300 and therefore, the overload to the CPU is a little high.

    Automatic Style Slide Show        
      ( ImageChanger applet )

    Nature in Japan Izu Spring
    Series -1
    Series -2
    Series -3
    Best View
    Nature in Japan Izu Summer
    Series -1
    Nature in Japan Izu Autumn
    Series -1
    Series -2
    Series -3
    Nature in Japan Izu Winter
    Series -1
    Series -2
    Series -3
    Series -4
    Best View

      Automatic slide show is requested much memory and Cpu powers during the show. However, its very good and exciting one !

      Please refresh your browser soft after you enjoy one series unless you have much memory like as 64MB or more. In general, Small size series slide show is confortable.

      This show is supported much pictures especially for Nature in Japan Izu than the numbers of pictures being used in the LakeApplet shows.


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