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( May 13, 2009 )

Tutorial & Manual - 7 -

  1. OverView & many samples
  2. Basic definitions for animations
  3. Turn image by mouse touch, show message or URL Link
  4. Font Type, Color, Style, or background
  5. Random move parameters
  6. Display message at fixed position, or move sets
    1. Display Layer Image at fixed position, or move sets
    2. Stop animations/messages, Sound etc
      ( v2.0 specials )
    3. AquariumCity applets parameters


    7. Display layer image at fixed position, or move sets

    1) Defines layer image (bgrayer)
    2) Defines layer number (rayernumber)
    -The rayernumber is same or less than the imagenumber.
    3) Define up/down turn position (rayerdownmax,rayerupmax)
    4) Defines URL (bgrayer)
    5) Defines Guidance for URL etc (bgrayer)
    6) Defines font size for individual layer image (bgrayer)
    7) Defines font color (rayerfontcolor)
    8) Defines font type (rayerfonttype)
    ** The parameters for color/type are applied to all layer images

    <APPLET CODE="AquariumCity.class" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=100>

    <PARAM NAME="copyright" value="www.javao.com">
    <PARAM NAME="regcode" value="okohihs-ika-84919040">
    <PARAM NAME="sleeptime" value="100">
    <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" value="000000">
    <PARAM NAME="background" value="image/back13.jpg">
    <PARAM NAME="widthsize" value="250">
    <PARAM NAME="heightsize" value="100">

    <PARAM NAME="imagenumber" value="2">
    <PARAM NAME="downmax" value="80">
    <PARAM NAME="upmax" value="0">
    <PARAM NAME="jumpto" value="aquarium_example_explain_e.html">
    <PARAM NAME="target" value="_top">
    <PARAM NAME="changedirection" value="yes">
    <PARAM NAME="movefontcolor" value="FF0000">
    <PARAM NAME="movefontsize" value="20">
    <PARAM NAME="movefonttype" value="Arial">
    <PARAM NAME="movespeed1" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="movespeed2" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="randomx" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="randomy" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="statuschange1" value="3">
    <PARAM NAME="statuschange2" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="durationtime" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="statuscount" value="1">
    <PARAM NAME="images" value="
    image/seag11.gif|100|40|1|-1|190|0|60|20|aquarium_example_explain_e.html|Sea Gull|10|0|*|,
    image/seag11.gif|180|40|1|-1|190|0|60|20|aquarium_example_explain_e.html|Sea Gull|10|0|*|,

    <PARAM NAME="shadowfontcolor" value="000000">
    <PARAM NAME="shadowstatus" value="yes">
    <PARAM NAME="messagefontcolor" value="ffffff">
    <PARAM NAME="messagefonttype" value="TimesRoman">
    <PARAM NAME="messagenumber" value="2">
    <PARAM NAME="messagedownmax" value="100">
    <PARAM NAME="messageupmax" value="0">
    <PARAM NAME="message" value="
    [AquariumCity Applet]|20|20|0|0|250|0|20|*|">
    Sea Gull|20|90|1|0|190|0|12|*|">

    <PARAM NAME="rayernumber" value="2">
    <PARAM NAME="rayerdownmax" value="100">
    <PARAM NAME="rayerupmax" value="0">
    <PARAM NAME="rayerfontcolor" value="ff00FF">
    <PARAM NAME="rayerfonttype" value="TimesRoman">
    <PARAM NAME="bgrayer" value="

    Note: Layer parameters ( "rayer" )

    xxx.gif | x start | y start | x speed | y speed | x turn | y turn | mouse area x |mouse area y | URL | message | message x adjust | message y adjust | font size |

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